Jog Falls in Karnataka India: The Dream Tourist Destination

Jog Falls, the most elevated waterfall in India is the making of the Sharavathi River in the Shimoga area of Karnataka. Its tallness is 830 feet and is placed on Sharavati River. The falls are in four distinct falls called as, Raja, Rani, Roarer and Rocket. There is a hydro electric force producing station name after Mahatma Gandhi. These makes as Jog Falls in Karnataka India being one of the most effective waterfalls on the planet and in the event that it was a forever free-streaming waterfall might undoubtedly elevate its rating such to be one of the top five on earth.

Jog Falls in Karnataka India

The significance of Jog Falls is that in this waterfall, the water does not stream down the rocks in a tiered manner. Despite what might be expected, the water thunders down the slant losing contact with the rocks, along these lines making Jog Falls the tallest waterfall in the nation. This is the excuse for why Jog Falls is an extremely popular vacationer goal frequented by very nearly each traveler going by India. The territory around the fall is fabulous for trekking. Jog falls is otherwise called Gerusoppaa falls, is the highest untiered waterfalls in India as it drops straight and does not stream onto the rocks.

The best season to visit this waterfall is the monsoons when this colossal form presentations its most extreme charm. Despite the fact that one will find thick vapor overwhelming the waterfall, however when the compelling waterfalls the vapor vanished in an ethereal way. The best look of the waterfall could be had by resting and looking over the mammoth from the pieces of rock close to the Bombay cabin. Watkins’ stage is an additional spot from where the perspective is awesome. Throughout Monsoons the Jog falls voluminous making a fabulous sight with rainbows occasionally. One can take adventurous walk at the lowest part of the canyon when the floodgate doors of the Linganmakki dam are closed.Jog Falls in Karnataka India1

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Enchanting Hill Stations in Karnataka

Karnataka is well-known for its marvelous view of hills and deep valleys. Hilly areas of karnataka are mainly situated in the various ranges of western Ghat mountains. Each hill station of Karnataka acquaints you with different experience and magnetizes you towards its flourishing greenery and quiet beauty. The Hill stations in Karnataka are normally uncharted and more perfect than recognized ones in South India.

Some of the most famous karnataka hills are:

> Agumbe Hillstation

Hill Stations in Karnataka

Agumbe, a small village placed in Karnataka for all those who wish to find tranquil with nature in the Western Ghats. It is renowned to be the wettest area in Karnataka receiving maximum rainfall. The little village is well-known for its stunning sunset and the trek opportunities it offer. It is also eminent for its magnificent sunsets and travelers on the highway from Shimoga to Udupi or Mangalore. A number of trekking trails are accessible from Agumbe. Post monsoon is the mainly gorgeous time to visit.

> Coonoor Hillstation

Coonoor is the second biggest hill station in the Nilgiris, bounded by tea plantations. Its weather is milder than Ooty. Coonoor is really a small tea garden town where the climate remains enjoyably cool throughout the year. An admired diversion is bird watching, as a wide variety of birds can be dotted. The main magnetism is the Sim’s Park, a small well sustain botanical garden that has numerous varieties of plants.

Hill Stations in Karnataka1> B. R. Hills

B.R Hills Wildlife Sanctuary it is an exclusive mix of remedy and wildlife sanctuary, a necessity for wildlife lovers. Dancing trees whistle winds and swirl streams form a backdrop to some very rare animal. The B.R Wildlife sanctuary is 3,375 ft above sea level. And the hills and valleys enclosed in beautiful forests and Sholas.

> Kemmannugundi Hill station

Kemmannugundi Hill station creates and perfect health resort. Wonderfully laid out attractive gardens, healthy weather throughout the year and the panoramic sight of mountains and valleys are just a few of the magnetism. Kemmengundi Rajbhavan is also seeing in the photo. Horticultural Department is preserving the gorgeous gardens here in the top of the hill station. This striking hill station of Karnataka in well located in the green lands of the Western Ghats, just after the malenaadu area. Placed at a tallness of 1434 meters and bounded by bulky green forests.

Hill Stations in Karnataka2> Nandi hills

The Nandi Hills is the create point of many rivers. And the forests neighboring the hills flourish with wild animals. Around the Nandi Hills are numerous smaller hills, which can be visited on foot.

> Horanadu Hillstation

Horanadu the sacred city of Karnataka is well-known for the Annapoorneshwari Temple. It’s dedicated to God Annapurneshwari. It is supposed that one who visits the temple and take the blessing of the divinity one shall never go hungry in their life.

Superb Waterfalls Near Bangalore

Karnataka is very rich natural heritage of India. Karnataka is having maximum number of waterfalls in India compare to another state in India. Few of them are world renowned waterfalls. The convergence of superior hills and oblique rivers has given rise to a number of waterfalls in Karnataka. Each of these waterfalls creates a breathtaking sight with water gushing down with enormous power. With the arrival of monsoon season, seasonal rainfalls render these majestic falls a sight to behold. Karnataka tourism Board conducts remarkable sightseeing tours and excursions waterfalls in Karnataka and waterfalls near Bangalore to all major tourist spots in the state including hill stations, wild life sanctuaries, and beaches.
Here is the list of waterfalls near Bangalore and within Karnataka,

waterfalls near Bangalore> Abbey Falls:
The waterfall is located between private coffee plantations with thickset coffee scrub and spice estates with trees entangled with pepper vines. The falls appear suddenly, the water cascade over rocks into calm pools. A hanging bridge constructed just opposite the falls comes in handy for the Tourists. There is a Kali Mata temple on the other side of the bridge and Coffee and black pepper trees on the other side.

> Alekan Waterfall:
Alekan is one of the gorgeous waterfalls in Dakshina Kannada District of Karnataka. It is renowned for its pleasing locale. Bale Kallu Gudda – one of the highest hills in Dakshina Kannada District – is nearby. A winding scenic journey from Charmadi, 18 km away, takes to Alekan Waterfalls.

waterfalls near Bangalore1>Barkana Waterfall:

The Barkana Falls are amongst the ten highest waterfalls in India. They are located near Agumbe in Shimoga district of state of Karnataka. The Barkana falls are created by the Sita River. Currently Barkana falls are the prime source of one of the hydro electric projects in Karnataka. It is a fantastic location for sightseeing and enjoying a picnic, but bewares of the le eches during the rainy season.

>Hebbe Falls:
Hebbe Falls, located 8 km away from Kemmangundi, is a desired site for loneliness seekers. The waterfall that is 168 meters in altitude is situated in Kemmangundi. Like other spring falls in the region, the water flow is believed to cure skin disorders. Deepen with minerals; the water flow is also a source of drinking water in the region.

waterfalls near Bangalore3>Magod Falls:
Magod Falls is a group of waterfalls in Karnataka, India, where the river Bedti falls from a height of nearly 200m in two steps. It starts from Hubli,Dharwad district . Here it falls from about 650ft Hogh and appears as gorgeous, looking as glorious in its course. Thereafter it flows through Ankola taluk known as River “Gangavali” and joining the Arabian Sea after taking round about Sahyadri Mountains.

>Shiv Gange Waterfall:
Shiv Gange waterfall is located on the border of three taluks of North Kanara district. The water fall plunges from about 200 feet, give a striking view and enjoyable trek. In the middle of the river is a Ganesha temple, on the upstream. Forest Department has set up observation point from there one can get a excellent view of the waterfall.

Places to Visit in Shimoga during your Vacation

Shimoga is a beautiful city located in the state of Karnataka by the Tunga River banks. And it is an exact nature’s gift; extend with waterfalls, delightful natural scenery of hills, dark forests, flora & fauna, forts, credible palms and plentiful paddy fields make for picturesque locales. The places to visit in Shimoga during your vacations are Bird sanctuary, Jog Falls, Kodachadri, Tyavarekoppa, Linganmakki Dam, Sacred Heart Church, Sakrebayalu Elephant Camp and Shivappanaika Palace Museum. Another indicates factor for prosperous tourism in Shimoga is its pleasurable climate.


> Kudajadri:

Kudajadri is a peak of the Western Ghats in Shimoga district of Karnataka. It is a habitat to various species of flora and fauna. The main attraction of Kudajadri is the Sarvajna Peetha, which is supposed to be the meditating place of Adi Shankaracharya.

placestovisitshimoga1>Bird Sanctuary:

The Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary, it is a little island on River Tunga. This island, which is also a part of Shettihalli Wildlife Sanctuary, is visit by migratory birds like egret, cormorant, darter, snake-bird, etc.

>Shivappanaika Palace Museum:

The Shivappa Naik Palace is an admired attraction of Shimoga town. Located on the banks of River Tunga, the palace was created of rosewood by Shivappa Naik of Keladi in the 16th century. There is also a museum within the palace which displays stone carvings and vestiges from the period of the Keladis.

placestovisitshimoga3>Sacred Heart Church:

One destination which demonstrates off the architectural majesty of Shimoga the greatest is the Sacred Heart Church of Shimoga. The church of the Catholics, the Sacred Heart Church of Shimoga is said to be the second biggest church in India.  However, the main attraction of the Church is the statue of Jesus.

>Linganmakki Dam:

The Linganmakki Dam is an admired picnic spot in the area of Shimoga, at a distance of 6 km from Jog falls. The dam, which is at an altitude of about 554 m, is built across River Sharavathi.

placestovisitshimoga4>Sakrebayalu Elephant Camp:

The Sakrebayalu Elephant Camp is a renowned attraction, located at a distance of about 14 km from Shimoga town. This is the training camp of elephants where visitors can see herds of elephants.


Tyavarekoppa is a prominent picnic spot situated on the Shimoga – Sagar Road, at a distance of 10 km from Shimoga town. Tyavarekoppa is well-known for its Lion and Tiger Safari. Tyavarekoppa Lion and Tiger Safari proffer sightings of tigers, lions, leopards, sloth bear, deer, etc. There is also a zoo and a children’s park at Tyavarekoppa.

There are several tourists’ packages existing by various tour operators and offer the finest way to enjoy the elegance of different Karnataka tour places. You will definitely enjoy the Karnataka tours in reasonable rates.

Best Time to Visit Jog falls for Enjoyable and Thrilling Holidays


The fascinating Jog Falls Karnataka is world renowned for its attractive beauty. The spot is located in the South India in the state of Karnataka in Shimoga district. The breathtaking Jog falls envelop the exotic River Sharavathi. The best time to visit Jog fall is in Monsoon season, it is the great time to see the waterfalls as it is fed by the monsoon rains and is at its full force. Such is the force of the water that it makes a cloud of vapor over the falls.


The Jog Falls mainly consist of of four diverse streams of the River Sharavati. The significance of Jog falls is that in this waterfall, the water does not flow down the rocks in a tiered style. On the divergent, the water thunders down the angle behind contact with the rocks, thus making Jog falls the tallest unstirred waterfall in the country. This is the reason why Jog falls is a renowned tourist destination persistent by nearly every tourist visiting India. The area in the region of the fall is marvelous for trekking.

The well-known and main tourist magnetism around Jog falls that can make your trip an unforgettable one is:

> The Tunga Anicut Dam –This dam was constructed crosswise the Tungabadra River. You can take pleasure in the boat tour around the lake.


> Honnemaradu –This Island created by the backwaters of the Linganmakki Dam is well recognized for water sports.

> Lion and Tiger Reserve – This Lion and Tiger Reserve safari is located about 12 km from the town called Shimoga heading towards the Jog Falls.

> Sagara – A little town located in the Shimoga district is about 30 km from the Jog Falls. And also the Sagara town is home to a number of oldest temples.

And also visitors can climb down to the base of the falls and get a pitch in the water. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to reach the base of the fall and an hour to climb up. The greatest view of the falls is actually had by lying down and seems over the rocky outcrop near Bombay Bungalow. Watkin’s Platform is an additional popular point of view. The neighboring area around the falls is also relatively beautiful; they are Swarna Nadi riverbank, the Sharavathi valley with its views, or the lush forest area around the waterfalls.

Thus, the Jog falls are the best tourist spots of the global travelers and permit them to showcase the golden memories of tourism in Karnataka.